While INFOSPAN serves organizations of all sizes, it specializes in small to mid-sized entrepreneurial and success-oriented companies in the new economy, because of the critical role they play in job and value creation.

Navigating the Virtual Realm

Relationships and communications have been among the top organizational issues for several decades prior to the advent of the virtual realm and Covid-19.  The VLE™ Protocol was created to affirm that high performance is still possible when strong human relationships and communications continue to be the central adhesive that operationalizes organizations, even when they’re being mediated by a screen.  Infospan has been demonstrating how digital tools can make this possible since 1997.


Leadership Development: Coaching and Mentoring

Developing High Tech Startups

Leading and Managing Complex Diverse Organizations

Creating Organizational Culture: Offline and Virtually

Interpersonal, Group relations and Communications

Team Building: Offline and Virtual

Supervision: Offline and Virtual

Training Design and Delivery: Offline and Virtual

Organizational Pre-Assessment and Diagnosis

Virtual Learning Events (VLE™), Conferences and Workshops, sponsored by the VODF

Strategic Management and Planning

Change Adaptation and Management

Re-envisoning ™ The Way of Total Systems Transformation

With the current advances in digital and social media technologies, INFOSPAN now has the capacity and capability to provide its services across the boundaries of culture, gender, age, geography, and time within the emerging global environment.

All client information is confidential.  References can be made available to prospective clients upon request.