Who We Are


INFOSPAN, LLC provides organizational development and communications consulting services and is the gateway to its subsidiaries, the Virtual Organizational Development Forum, High Context Multimedia, and Quantum Advisory Services.


VODF is an invitation only organization dedicated to the exploration of doing OD/ABS work in a virtual environment across the boundaries of culture, age, gender, geography, and time.


HCM provides quality documentary, dramatic, and educational offerings in substantive and compelling formats. It also uses multimedia tools as a part of intervention strategies.


QaS provides one on one leadership development and coaching services for leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.

We help organizations achieve optimal performance by discovering, crafting, and embracing their core data. Combined with on and offline tools and processes, organizations realize and achieve their mission critical outcomes.

Vision & Mission


INFOSPAN will be an acknowledged leader in value creation, quality and dependability among organizational consulting firms providing services in on and offline environments.



INFOSPAN is an Ebusiness providing on and offline organizational and communications consulting services to businesses and organizations. Our focus is on small to midsized entrepreneurial and success-oriented companies. We elevate the quality and effectiveness of communications, relationships, and total organizational output. We accomplish this by unleashing an organization’s unique expression of its values, vision, and mission.


We are focused on elevating the quality and effectiveness of relationships, communications and total organizational performance through the improvement of individual and team functioning utilizing technological and other organizational processes. By establishing a fit between values, purpose, vision and mission, INFOSPAN helps organizations develop the ability to execute at the level necessary for achieving mission critical goals.


Changing the world one individual and organization at a time